Nighttime portraits

Making nighttime portraits was a thrilling experience that allowed me to capture the beauty of the night. It was exciting to experiment with different lighting and composition techniques to create moody and atmospheric images. The challenge of working with limited light sources was both daunting and exhilarating, as I had to be creative with the available resources to capture the perfect shot. It was a great opportunity to push my skills as a photographer and produce images that were both mysterious and captivating. Overall, the experience of taking nighttime portraits was incredibly rewarding and I can’t wait to do it again!

Actually the text above has been generated by ChatGPT. At the beginning I didn’t know what I wanted to write in this post, so tried myself with AI, as it is so popular nowadays. I took a couple of tries, inputing some correcting prompts to have this result. I had to be specific, to have it write the text in a first person mode and to have it keep it fairly short. While the text is rather general and sounds like a copywritten piece for a product or service, it has some true points. It was a lot of fun to just hang with friends and take some shots which was challenging in those lighting conditions. On the other hand I wasn’t going for the perfect shot, I just wanted to let myself free, not worry about the result that much and just practice. This allowed me to have fun and actually take some photos that I like a lot.

I have to admit that another AI powered tool helped me achieve these results, Lightroom’s new AI powered Denoise. It is just amazing how effective it is in clearing up noisy pictures. They look like I have taken them at 200 ISO instead of 6400. The scary thing is that this Denoise applies some sort of sharpening or smoothing, which makes the pictures look professional. It is scary because I don’t quite understand what makes them look so much better, but I want to replicate that with my own editing without the need to relying on AI. I mean, there is nothing wrong with using AI for specific task, it is just that I want to improve my skills, I want to know how can that look be achieved and make this knowledge part of my toolkit.

This whole experience prompted me to look more into portrait editing and especially how to smooth the skin. I have been experimenting with that lately and I think I have a good understanding of it. Still, I pay attention not to overdo it, I don’t want plastic people in my shots. Anyway, I will continue to explore different techniques and ways to up my portrait editing game.

Regarding ChatGPT, probably I could have spent some more time giving it prompts and instructions to make the text more personal, but at this point, it was enough to jumpstart my own creative juices to write this post. I’m looking forward to experiment more with it as well in the future.

And at last, here are the photos.

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