Feeling a little bit bad,

because I haven’t worked on my photos, or my editing skills, or my collection. When I arrived home I was rather tired and perhaps a bit annoyed. I was kind of motivated to do something, but at the same time I felt tired… So i thought, I might not do anything productive tonight, just gonna chill. Still i wanted to do something really satisfying, which would have been something photo related. But again, I felt too tired for that. Now, I feel a bit bad, because I didn’t do anything and watching some youtube videos on photography really inspired me to do photography related stuff, but now I’m really too tired and it is too late to do any of that…or is it though? I mean, I should go to sleep so I’m not totally wasted tomorrow. But I want to play a bit more so I get some more satisfaction for myself, which I won’t get, because the truly satisfying thing to do would be photography related, so I play more to make up for the quality difference …which makes me just more tired, makes me sleep less etc etc. It’s a vicious cycle and my brain is too stupid to get out of it. If I would have spent this evening with editing, selecting photos I would be a bit closer to the lifestyle I want for my self. It would be a small step, true, still it would be a step into the right direction. And there are soooo many small steps that I need to take to get to where i want to be… Therefore I should be taking those steps whenever i can…

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