Plans for today

Good morning. I’m looking forward to today. I feel motivated to do stuff and also have a couple of plans for today. I believe my main drive is that I have plans, I have things to do that I’m excited about. One of these things is trying to take a photo every day. There are no other rules to this, just simply trying to take a picture of something with my Sony every single day. I’m gonna post these in my Instagram stories. These might not be the best photographs by me and I don’t want to clutter my “grid” with them. That is, if I manage to capture a great pic, I will definitely put it up on the grid. This exercise has multiple goals: I want to improve my photography and the best way to do that is practice, practice, and practice. Secondly, I want to get myself more into a creative mindset, I want creating, improving, practising to be my day and night. You know, when you spend most of your time doing something, that thing gets ingrained into your every thought, it somewhat becomes a part of you, like your arm. Having a daily task that pushes me to be creative every day is a pretty good way of achieving that state. Thirdly, I have this drive to somehow affirm my life, the events and story of my life. It’s almost like acknowledging these events, paying attention to them. Reliving them in the actual moment, not only in the future. I want to remember them now. Documenting my life through daily photographs seems to be a way of achieving this. Even if the picture is not of me or the day’s events, but of a product, or a landscape, that picture still serves as capture of my day, as taking that picture was part of my day. 

The other thing that makes me excited is closely connected to the last point I made, namely documenting my life. This blog post, writing this today, is part of that process. Also, I’m thinking about starting a vlog series on youtube. It will be part personal, part visual artsy stuff like photography and graphic design, a good amount of philosophical rambling and to top it all off anything that is exciting me at the time. To tell the truth, I’m scared to start it and I’m still on the edge with it whether I should. Still, I feel I’m close to doing it and I have a couple of ideas about what should be the first video, which is a good start I think.

The weather also helped with my mood. At night we had some snowfall which turned into a snowy rain by morning, but there remained some white in the landscape. I love snow and I miss it a ton since it has become quite a rare sight here (stop climate change!). So seeing some in the morning was pretty nice. With that, I went out and shot a couple of pictures. 

Last but not least, I have a date with my Dorc today after like 3 weeks of not meeting her as she was sick with the COVIDs. We are going to go to a local cafĂ© to have something to drink, maybe have a snack. Then head home, have a bottle of wine and spend some cosy, cuddles time together. 

While writing this, it started snowing like crazy! By now everything is covered with a couple of centimetres of snow. This just really makes my day! I’ve already gone outside and have taken a couple of pictures. More on that on the next post, or maybe vlog? Anyways, until then. Bye.
P.S. This all happened yesterday. 

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